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 Dawn Haas- dance director

After several years of experience in dance instruction and regional dance company performance under Phyllis Dersh, Dawn launched her own dance studio, Miracles In Motion Dance School. Her desire was to bring exceptional dance education to her hometown of Boyertown, Pa, and its surrounding areas. Over the following 16 years, she grew her student base and expanded the studio’s reach; founding a community dance company and a community theater company. She realized a new goal of providing live theater through performing arts, performance education, and performance experience to area residents. In 2011, Miracles In Motion Dance School merged with Strength And Grace Fitness to become Strength In Motion Studios, located in Gilbertsville, PA.  Then, in August 2015, Strength In Motion's Fitness Department became independent, and the studio became solely a dance school again. In January of 2016, the school resumed it previous name becoming Miracles In Motion Dance Studio, under the sole direction of Miss Haas.


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